GaimanApprox. Time: 2 hours
Activity Level: Easiest

Just past the city of Trelew is the village of Gaiman, the strongest symbol of Welsh colonization in Patagonia. Gaiman is full of history, with the characteristics of the settlers that arrived in 1865 on the Mimosa carefully preserved. A village essence remains in the streets, and the area is sprinkled with farms, typical chapels and Welsh-style houses. The main attractions are the Welsh Tea Houses, where the descendants of the settlers prepare and serve classic Welsh tea, and the Museo Histórico Regional, complete with the classical architecture of 1909. There is also the Bethel Chapel, the largest and best kept out of 15 of “Houses of God” that exist in this valley. Right beside it you will see the old chapel, which was built in1880 when the primitive Stone Chapel fell apart. The history of this village is very much a living part of the present among Gaiman inhabitants, many of whom speak Welch as well as Spanish.