El Rey National ParkApprox. Time: 8 hours
Activity Level: Moderate to Strenuous

El Rey National Park, originally created to preserve the southern tropical forest, is alive with birds and wildlife.

This park hosts the subtropical jungle of Montaña (or Yunga), which runs from Venezuela to the eastern slopes of the Andes. The rains, temperatures and humidity vary with the height of the mountains. Within Argentina its great biodiversity is comparable only to the Misionera Jungle. It also protects a part of the chaqueño forest, which adds species and interest to its natural potential.

Activities: Trekking, horseback riding, fishing, observation of flora and fauna and bird watching.

Recommended Season: June to September.

In Combination with other Parks: Baritú National Park, Calilegua National Park and Monumento Laguna de los Pozuelos.

Courtesy of the Argentina Tourism Board